Shiba Scream Part II

This is the only other time I hear Kenzo make any noise, besides his excitability from visiting guests. It sounds like a mix between a howl and a Shiba scream. This one is a little more mild. Lately it has been getting more intense and he really sounds like a little coyote.

People always ask me, “I am thinking of getting a dog and I live in an apartment building, is your Shiba quiet?” I say yes. I can’t speak for all Shibas, but Kenzo never aimlessly barks. I have had neighbors with dogs that bark at everything….and nothing. Kenzo just barks a little when guests enter and sometimes if the sirens are close enough to the house.

I once had a person tell me that the landlord for their apartment complex will ONLY allow Shiba Inus because he knows how quiet they can be and that any other dog he allowed caused noise complaints. I thought that was interesting.


Shiba Scream

Kenzo gets extremely excited when people come over to visit, especially with people who have seen Kenzo as a puppy. The first thing he does when he hears someone at the door is he frantically finds a toy, his first choice always being the tennis ball. Then he runs around and screams into whatever toy he has in his mouth. He never does the scream if there is no toy in his mouth. I am glad about that because it would be really loud without a toy to muffle the sound. This intense greeting usually lasts for about 2 – 4 minutes.


Spring in his Step

Shiba Inu


At 8 months old Kenzo discovered his ability to jump, on everything. He was impressed with his newly discovered skill and would test himself. I was shocked one night to walk in the bedroom and see him standing on top of his crate, pictured above. On walks he started jumping up on 3-4ft walls and seeing how well he could balance. This was my first real moment when I realized how cat-like Shibas are. He is still not allowed on the bed or couch. But when he gets in bratty mode, he’ll run and jump on and off things before I even have time to react.


Late Bloomer with Separation Anxiety

Shiba Inu

Kenzo never really had that much separation anxiety as a puppy and was very independent. At 8 months I started to see him attach himself more to us. Now when we leave he runs to the gate, looks under, and starts to cry. I don’t coddle him in any way before I leave and I try to sneak out most of the time.

Shiba Inu

At 8 months Kenzo also starting hiding in places when I would leave. Before when I would return home, I would find Kenzo running around the backyard or asleep where I could see him. Now he finds little hiding spots and doesn’t come out until he gets a good look at me and I call him a few times. In this picture he is sleeping right on top of my mint and around rosemary. He smelled really good.

Bath Time “I hate you”

Shiba Inu

Kenzo is still pretty good with his baths. I can tell he hates them, but he just deals with it. Luckily there are no Shiba screams or resistance. He helps with drying himself off by doing laps in the backyard, he gets super excited after baths. But a few times he rolled in the dirt right after his bath, brat.

It is starting to get warmer and he is losing more puppy fuzz so shedding has increased by 500%. So much shedding. The baths help along with his Kong Zoom Groom. The Zoom Groom works really well and doesn’t seem as harsh as most metal combs. I found it works really well if you wash it with soap afterwards because the oils from the fur make it less efficient after every use. Washing it brings back the stickiness to the rubber.

Hiking and Hanging Out

Shiba Inu

Kenzo LOVES going to Runyon Canyon. I was worried the first time we went because it is pretty tough. But it didn’t phase him. He made it to the top and wanted to run all the way back down. We’ll see how he does in the summer though. 90% of dogs are off leash so they run around Kenzo and tease him. I am not sure if we will ever do off leash…maybe.

Shiba Inu

Basically sums him up pretty well.

Shiba Inu

Kenzo at 7 months old.

Neutering Time!


So we reached 6 months. He always gets so excited when he goes to the vet because he would always go to his puppy play dates there. But no play date this time. I was expecting for him to be a little different after the surgery, but he wasn’t at all. At the vet when we picked him up after the procedure, he ran around the corner and down the hall as if he didn’t just have an operation. The doctor looked down at Kenzo running around all crazy and then looked at us and said “Ummmm I know this will be hard for you to hear. But try to limit his running and playing for a week.”

So our biggest challenge was upon us, getting Kenzo to relax. I had to hide all the tennis balls because he kept brining them up to me and dropping them at my feet. For the most part I kept him inside because it is in the backyard where he really sprints around. I also just made up games with treats that really kept his brain occupied. He didn’t mind the cone that much, despite his sad expression showcasing his bonnet. But he would always knock it against walls, table legs, my legs, and appliances.

Crate success / Photo bombing giraffe

kenzo shiba inu cream

I have been very pleased with our crate training with Kenzo. He loves his little spot. I have never let him on the bed because I know once he sees how comfy it is, he will want to stay up there forever and will slowly take over.

kenzo shiba inu cream

As long as I am up and moving around, so is Kenzo. Then once I get into bed he walks straight over to his crate without me saying anything.

kenzo shiba inu cream


Getting into trouble

Getting into trouble
Kenzo has a moderate digging problem. Most of the time it happens when I skip his morning walk, so maybe I deserve it. But other times he will just feel like being a brat. Luckily in both of these pots he dug up the plants were dead so I didn’t care too much.

Getting into trouble
Since I didn’t care for these pots, I just moved them into the back of the yard and let him dig them up if he feels the need to dig. I put some toys in the dirt to teach him ” ok if you want to dig, this is the only place to do it”.

Getting into trouble
Other things I have used for spots he is not supposed to dig is cayenne pepper or tabasco sauce. The bitter apple didn’t work for Kenzo. I had to go with more drastic measures to get Kenzo to stop digging in one specific spot. Another method of stopping this behavior is by putting their poop in the spot. But it grosses me out have to see it all the time.


Kenzo's Teeth

So I was unaware that puppies lose all of their teeth! All of the dogs I have had growing up were older than 6/7 months so I never saw this before. I noticed around 4 months old he was looking pretty, gappy. The first teeth to go were his top and bottom incisors. I even noticed that his adult canines were coming in and his baby ones weren’t falling out. I thought he might need head-gear! But after a month his molars were the next to go, followed by his canines.

Every time Kenzo lost a tooth I would know about it because he would play with them. He would throw them with his mouth across the room and paw them like a cat.

I tried multiple things to ease his teething but they basically made their way through. I always found him playing with a tooth after chewing on his antlers. I tried the rolled up frozen wash cloth and he didn’t seem to care about that much. When Kenzo was tired I would hold him like a baby and massage his gums which he seemed to like. I would massage from the outside and a bit on the inside of his mouth. Other than that I just played the waiting game.